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The more we go into detail, the more questions there are... Here are the most frequently asked questions. if you can't find what you're looking for send us an email.

The material

What are our objects made of?

Our objects are made of brass.
Brass is an alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc .
This alloy can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties.

Why Brass?

For its machining qualities first. Milling, bar turning, cutting are the main
techniques we use. These processes, unlike foundry, are energy efficient. It is also the metal best suited to receive veneers and patinas.

For its history too. The first brass objects date from the third millennium BC. It is the golden appearance of brass that has encouraged its growth in the field of ornamentation.

We are captivated by the play of shadow and light offered by this material.

Why do some finishes acquire a patina?

The NATURAL BRASS and MIRROR POLISHED finishes will take on a patina over time and use.

The copper present in the alloy oxidizes on contact with air. This patina is called "verdigris".

The straw yellow color of brass (comma removed) will turn golden yellow then slowly brown to approach a bronze hue.

The POLISHED MIRROR finish will patinate more slowly.

Brass is a living material.

However, it is possible to keep the appearance
original brass with regular maintenance and suitable products (find here ).

How do I maintain my items?

You will find our maintenance advice by finish on the " ESSENTIALS " page.

What finishes for the exterior?


With regular maintenance, these finishes will slowly evolve over time.

For any special request, contact us .

Design and manufacture

Who draws the objects?

Agnes and Manuel.

where are they made?

Our objects are made in France in family-sized companies equipped with extremely sophisticated machines.

Each company specializes in a machining station, mainly milling, bar turning and laser cutting.

The processing and finishing are carried out by other more artisanal companies where artistic qualities and know-how are paramount.
For the most part, these companies know each other and work closely together to optimize journeys.

We assemble and pack the objects in Bordeaux .

Special and tailor-made requests

Can you advise me ?

We can accompany you and advise you.
Send us the plan of your house or your apartment, we will help you find answers for each door, whether new or old doors.

Contact us here

Is it possible to choose a custom color or finish?

Our paint shop is able to produce custom colors from RAL or NCS color charts. If you do not find what you are looking for, we can offer alternatives.

Our polishing workshop will meet your desires for metallization, patinas and specific treatments. He can reproduce decorations from existing creations or create treatments corresponding to your requirements.

A wide choice of finishes is to be discovered on the " ESSENTIAL " page.

Contact us here

Is it possible to imagine a custom shape?

We can change the size of a plate from our collection for you so that it fits your door perfectly.

We can also design a specific shape adapted to your decorative project.

Contact us here

Installation & technical


Download assembly instructions here .

The handle is installed, however it has play, what should I do?

Case n°1: The conical screw (which is used to fix the handle on the square) has unscrewed.
It is located under the handle. By unscrewing, it no longer tightens the square.
It is therefore necessary to refit all the objects, without forgetting the nylon washer, then to screw the needle screw correctly into the handle. To screw it back on, use a 2.5 mm Allen key.

If you can no longer find the needle screw and the Allen key: order here .

Case n°2: The square is badly positioned.
During installation the square was turned upside down.

The countersunk recess of the square (the deepest) must be positioned on the needle screw side (facing down).

Case n°3: The thickness of the square is not suitable.
In some cases, the installer has placed the 7x7 mm square delivered with the handles in a lock whose follower measures 8x8 mm.
The handle wiggles. You must add an adapter (7->8 mm) to your square (to be ordered here ).

It also happens that the square measures 6x6 mm (this is often the case with old doors whose locks are applied). 6->7 mm adapters will then have to be inserted into each handle.

Case n°4: The square is too long.
The square that we supply with our handles is suitable for a standard door whose thickness is 40 mm.
Even if there is a little tolerance, the length of the square must be adapted to the thickness of your door (to be ordered here ).

Case n°5: The lock is loose
A lock, even of good quality, often has a little play (from top to bottom). But it happens that some locks are of poor quality or too old. In this case the play is too pronounced, the lock must be changed.

Can I use Bonnemazou Cambus handles on old doors equipped with surface locks?

Yes of course, you will have to contact us here because it requires a little adaptation.
The spring of these locks is often very tired, in this case the Olive Light handle will be suitable.
For the other shapes, we will need to know the opening direction on the case side (right hand or left hand).
Old and wall-mounted locks generally require a square of 6 mm in section, adapters are necessary.


I live in a country of the European Union. Are there any additional fees and taxes to pay upon receipt of my order?

No, no additional charges. All orders placed in the European Union are sent by DHL or UPS (delivery costs are paid at the time of purchase). Which means that fees and taxes (VAT) are included in the final price.

If you are a company and you have an intra-community VAT number, contact us, we will provide you with an estimate.

I live outside the European Union. Are there any additional fees and taxes to pay upon receipt of my order?

Yes, there are additional charges. International orders, outside the European Union, are sent tax-free (without VAT).
Bonnemazou-Cambus will not be responsible for import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the country of destination.
Import duties or tax fees will be charged to you directly by the delivery service (UPS or DHL).

How to track my order ?

When sending your order, you will receive a tracking number from the carrier (Colissimo, DHL, UPS...). You will have to go to their site and indicate the tracking number there. Some carriers detail the steps for taking charge of your package. Check your junk, this message may be hiding there!

What are the means of payment?

Secure method of payment by credit card or from a Paypal account.

It is also possible to pay by bank transfer, in this case contact us to receive our bank details.


Return & Refund

In the event of a return, please write to us at in order to inform us in advance of the problem you are encountering. Please provide your name and invoice number.

Nevertheless, in accordance with the Consumer Code concerning distance selling, the consumer has a period of 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal, without having to justify reasons, or to pay penalties, except where applicable return costs.

The period mentioned above runs from the receipt of the goods by the customer. We undertake to refund or exchange defective or non-compliant items as soon as possible, provided that they are returned within the time frame mentioned above. Items must be returned to us in their original packaging, carefully wrapped and protected with all ancillary items (screws, tools, miscellaneous small accessories, etc.). Objects must not have been installed. we reserve the right to deduct from your refund an amount to cover the cost of reconditioning.

If you are returning an item due to an error on our part, the shipping costs will be fully refunded to you.

I ordered from a reseller, who should I contact in case of problems?

We invite you to contact the retailer from whom you ordered our items.


Do you have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy on your premises?

How to do otherwise! We are obviously sensitive to environmental issues and we are doing the best we can at our level to be exemplary.

There is only one Nylon washer on our grips. No other plastic parts, not even in the packaging.

Our parts are produced by machining, a technique that is much more energy efficient than foundry.
And brass is 100% recyclable.

We recycle in our premises and make sure to make optimal use of the energies necessary for the proper functioning of the offices, which are heated by our wood stove.

Legal Notice

Registered models and trademarks

Our trademark, door handle, knob and decorative plate designs are registered and protected by legal deposit. As such, any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, marketing, partial or complete of the elements contained in this site, without the authorization
written notice from Bonnemazou-Cambus, is prohibited.