They do not claim to be manufacturers, designers or interior designers, but all of these things at the same time.
After nearly twenty years of joint collaboration, agnès cambus and manuel bonnemazou continue to free themselves from codes and barriers.

Cool, pop and contemporary, the duo likes to go where others don't. Attracted by novelty, they love to question everyday objects.
The round box for Pierre Hermé macaroons is them.
The Vanier stove and its funny refractory bricks, it's still them.

One fine day in 2014, a new
subject invites itself to their workshop table: door handles and plates. Poor handles, sad plates, so often neglected, why should they be condemned to discretion?
They want to make real "door jewels" , according to their expression.

“We forgot everything that made a handle and a door plate to better redesign them. »

They must affirm the spirit of the place, they must play a role, and not
necessarily a secondary role. Very quickly they decide to combine colors and material effects: assembly is at the heart of the concept. Sales take off, collections expand, customers
enjoying a modularity that responds to their imagination.

And then there is the brass.
Its light attracts them, unless it is its shadow.
“We love brass for all its moods. It is a living and versatile material, sometimes bright, sometimes soft, sometimes dark. It reflects both the aesthetics of an interior and the personality of its inhabitants. »

On closer inspection, the bonnemazou-cambus handles and plates bear a large part of the duo's convictions, the desire to make things that last, the refinement of detail in an apparent simplicity.
And perhaps, above all, the quest for the right object.

Route in brief.

Agnes Cambus. Graduated from the fine arts of toulouse in 1995. Started with the designer michel tortel, before joining the architecture firm christian biecher. She designs furniture there, notably for baccarat, and conducts interior design projects. Partner with Manuel since 2003 and member of the Parisian collective element-s since 2010.

Manuel Bonnemazou. Graduated from ensci (Les ateliers) in 1994. Started in new York, explored industrial design made in us. Joined Habitat France then Habitat UK, under the leadership of Tim Dixon. In particular, he creates lighting there. associated with agnès since 2003 and member of the parisian collective element-s since 2010.